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For those suffering from back pain, neck pain and those who would like to avoid them. Our Chiropractors and Physiotherapists  at the City of London, Friern Barnet and Borehamwood have some useful tips for you:

Back Pain & Neck Pain are warning signs. Do not ignore them or get trapped into thinking that they will go away. Very importantly do not persist in taking pain relieving medication in the long term.
Sit on firm but cushioned chairs to support your back. Avoid soft chairs and deep couches, and try to choose a chair with a good back rest. Do not sit for prolonged periods since this can increase the pressure in your lumbar discs of your spine six times more when compared with lying down. Try to get up every 30 minutes and have a mini-break.
Sleep on good quality supportative mattress to minimize your morning back pain, neck pain  and stiffness. Do not sleep on your stomach, but sleep on your side or back. When arising from bed, move slowly to the side of the bed, roll onto your side and sit up as you swing your legs off the bed and push up with your arms. Make sure the height of the pillow is the correct one to maintain a neutral lying posture between your head and the rest of your body and it is located off your shoulderswhile your cervical spine is well supported. Also, it is advisable to put a comfortable pillow between your knees if you are a side sleepers or put the pillow under your knees if you lying on your back. Try not to stay in bed for prolonged periods as continuous bed rest can lead to slower the recovery of your back pain.  Eventually, it will make your back stiffer and weaker. Move about frequently to maintain mobility, even if only is a 5 minute walk every hour.
When you need to stand for a prolonged length of time, place your foot on a small book or rail as you often find in a bar and keep changing every 5 to 10 minutes. When shopping it is often more painful to amble; move purposefully to your destination and get involve your arms by swinging them like a gentle marching.
Do not use heat in the early acute stage. Even heat may temporarily ease the discomfort; it may prolong your recovery. Use a cold pack to reduce inflammation.  Wrap the cold pack in a tea towel and place over the sore area for 10 min, remove for 10 min, and then put back  or neck on for 10 min.  Wait an hour and then repeat.
Your head leads your body. Try to align your head in the proper position. To do this, gently tuck your chin and lengthen the back of your neck in any possible position. Check your shoes or trainers. If they have worn out your feet over-pronate and this will increase stress through your knees, hips and consequently trough your back and neck. Also, if you have over-pronated feet you may need some orthotics or insoles to support the arches of your feet.
Check your working environment is suitable for your size and needs and can be adjustable; from sitting to standing and viceversa. As you take mini-breaks trough the day from your desk or working environment make sure your open your chest and pull your shoulders down and backwards (external rotation) after positioning your head to decrease the tension from your upper back and neck. Should you need further advice our chiropractors or physiotherapists will able to make a visit to your company to do a more precise ergonomic assessment.
Take deep breaths at regular intervals every day by involving your diaphragm and relaxing your neck muscles through the day and imagine yourself in good posture, then, the muscles of your back will move more regular. Also, if not painful encourage to clench your buttocks and pull deep abdominal muscle inwards while breathing out.
If not painful, turn your torso and head gentle in both directions at regular intervals during the day with deep breathing. Gentle stretch your groin and hip flexors muscles in a standing position to minimize stiffness around your low and mid back region before you are sitting again on your office chair. When in pain, stop all sport, even swimming. Make sure you try to control the inflammation naturally first.
Don't forget to drink plenty of  water during the day ( 6 to 8 glassess depending on your activities) and eat a balance diet. Your mind and body need good fluids, vitamins, minerals & nutrients in order to function properly.  Do not delay chiropractic  or physiotherapy treatment if you are not improving after a few days of following this Back Pain & Neck Pain advice by contacting our Chiro-Practice. Early wear and tear changes can take place rapidly in an injured or immobilized joint after the first few weeks of onset of pain.

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